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What good are your marketing nth impressions if you don’t have a solid handle on your brand, branding strategy and brand management? The concept of a “brand” or “branding” gets tossed around a lot, often without a true sense of its deeper meaning and importance in marketing. Nth Impressions has found that while some companies truly understand the concept of branding, many only understand it superficially, and miss the importance of properly managing their brand at all levels. Your brand is who you are; it’s what you do; it’s how you are perceived by your customers and potential customers. It must be developed and managed with care in every marketing impression you put forth, and it must become a part of your corporate culture.

In today’s world, your brand includes your name, logo, fonts, design concepts, colors, taglines, messaging (including tone and voice), even your internal culture, and much more, and it all needs to work together and retain a consistent and constant message. All of your marketing materials, including print media, websites, business cards, advertisements, packaging…all of it…should have a consistent look, feel, voice and message. You and your employees should also know and understand the company brand, so all can carry a unified message together so verbal communications in the field are also consistent with your brand.

Your brand tells your customers and potential customers what to expect from your products and services, and it differentiates you from your competition. Your brand is driven by your product or service offerings, prices, customer service, quality, value and a variety of other factors. You might offer the highest quality, with the best of services and the highest pricing; or you might be the value leader who brings customers good reliable goods at a modest price. Your brand tells buyers what to expect from your company.

Your brand strategy defines who you want to market to, what marketing vehicles you will use to target your customers, when to target whom, where to place your marketing messages, and how to coordinate it all into a consistent, unified, quality message that can help you build brand equity…the value of your brand.

When all facets of your brand are working well together, you have a healthy marketing pulse, and it helps to have a quality marketing agency like Nth Impressions to get you and keep you on the right path. Contact us to learn how Nth Impressions can be your brand manager and help you enhance your existing brand, or develop a completely new brand concept and strategy for your company.