Nth Impressions: Marketing research and third-party customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Writing and Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Project Based and Ongoing Customer Satisfaction Programs

Merrily going along your way making assumptions about customer perceptions of your company? Reach out and make sure your customers are truly happy with your products and services, and learn more about what they need and would like to see.

Our customers love us,” you say? How can you really know if you don’t ask, and how can you be sure you’re getting real, true answers if you don’t consult with an expert? Remember, people will tell you when things are good, but they often won’t tell you when things aren’t up to snuff. They will, however, tell dozens of other people if you’re missing the ball on something. Just because they keep buying from you doesn’t mean everything is great, and if things get bad enough, they may stop being your customer.

Customer satisfaction must be measured to have meaning, and frankly, you just can’t do it properly yourself. In-house customer satisfaction measurement programs are incredibly subject to bias and tainted customer responses, plain and simple. You need to know what your customers really think. Talk to Nth Impressions about how to do customer satisfaction surveys the right way, so you can learn solid, accurate, truthful information that can help you make important decisions for your company, help you generate happier, longer-term customers, and ultimately, more revenue.

Contact us and ask how we can cost-effectively conduct meaningful customer satisfaction research for your company. We do one time customer satisfaction projects, periodic programs (i.e. quarterly or annually) and ongoing programs to measure customer satisfaction with your company.