Nth Impressions knows direct mail.

  • Mailing List Targeting and Procurement
  • Graphic Design & Copy Writing
  • Printing
  • Direct Mail House Services

Direct mail is still a perfectly viable way to put out quality nth impressions as a part of your marketing pulse, and the people at Nth Impressions can help. Yes, good old snail mail through the direct mail house still has its place in marketing. But the new dynamics in marketing have changed how you might approach your direct mail campaigns. Balance your direct mail with your other marketing efforts to form a unified campaign that’s true to your brand, targets the right customer groups and uses your budget most effectively.

It starts with the message you want to put out, and the target audience you want to receive it. Then Nth Impressions’ graphic designers and copy writers come in to produce a high quality, yet cost effective piece for mailing. The mailing list needs to be procured, and/or your list needs to be scrubbed, updated and brought into U.S. Postal Service compliance. The list itself is hugely important; it needs to be as accurate and as targeted as possible, and it needs to be as clean as possible to minimize wasted expense. Nth Impressions has the expertise and years of experience to help you every step of the way with your direct mail campaigns.

Contact us and let Nth Impressions help you get the most out of your direct mail programs.