Nth Impressions does Email Marketing the right way.

  • Email Blasts / Email Broadcasts
  • Email Marketing Frequency Patterns
  • Email List Targeting and Management
  • Marketing Email Design and Copy Writing
  • Email Reporting and Statistics

Email marketing, or email blasts are so easy to do…the wrong way! Sending out nth impressions of your company through email is an important part of many marketing strategies, but you might be wasting your time and energy if you’re sending broadcast email messages without doing any analytics to understand the success or failures of your blasts. Too many companies send out info that interests them, not their customers, forgetting the basic concept on what customers are looking for: WIFM! (”What’s in it for me?”). And too many companies aren’t respectful of what frequency patterns will generate the greatest reception by their intended targets. Email broadcasts must be regular and consistent if they’re going to be a positive part of your marketing pulse.

The experts at Nth Impressions can help you do email marketing the right way, and we’ll use reporting and analytics to track our successes and continually refine and enhance your email marketing messages. Our graphic design team will help develop a look and feel for your e-marketing that’s enticing and consistent with your brand. Expert copy writing is an important part of the equation, too, and that includes subject lines as well as article content. We’ll help you build in relevant links to your website so customers can click through to your website to learn more about you, and generate traffic to your site that’s so critical for SEO.

Contact us to learn how Nth Impressions in St. Louis can help you maximize the impact of your email marketing.