Rasmussen Modern Coal

Chillbuster CoalFire is a vent-free coal effect gas fire set that Rasmussen has designed
in response to customer’s needs, such as:
– Victorian, coal burning or fireplace which was not designed for burning wood, but has a flue.
– Flue is very small in comparison to the area of the opening, which may result in spillage of combustion products into the room.
– Chimney is old. As a result, fireplace cannot be used without an expensive reline or reconstruction.
– Shallow depth of the fireplace. Most traditional gas log sets require a minimum of 12″ of depth.
– You like the appearance of a coal-effect basket as something different from what everyone else has in their fireplace.
– You want to turn your unused fireplace into a source of heat for the room.

Chillbuster CoalFire Fireplace Heater (“C9” series) incorporates the following features:
– State-of-the-art lanced-port opposed-louver burner, the heart of all Rasmussen Chillbuster vent-free gas logs since 1994.
– Two control options: (1) Variable Flame Height Wireless Remote Control (control the flame height like a TV volume control), and (2) Millivolt control, which can be operated with either the installed switch or a variety of accessories, such as a wall switch, thermostat, wall timer or wireless remote control (on/off only)
– Heating Unit (burners and control) can be purchased separately to be used with any basket in which the bottom is removed.
– Two sizes of Heating Units: (1) C9A – 33,000 BTU/hour max.; and (2) C9B – 40,000 BTU/hour max.
– The coals are made from the same refractory material from which we make our gas log sets. No potentially harmful ceramic fiber.

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