Nth Impressions: Decades of experience in Market Research.

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Marketing Research
  • Market Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Survey Writing and Development

Looking for new revenue streams? Want to find out what customers are really looking for? Need more tangible information before you invest time and resources in a new market area? Looking to measure customer satisfaction? The experts at Nth Impressions have decades of experience conducting literally hundreds and hundreds of market research programs.

Effective market research, or marketing research, is an important tool to help you decide who to market to, where to find those people, what to market to them, and how to distribute your ongoing nth impressions. Far too often, we assume we understand the needs of a marketplace when perhaps we really don’t. The only way to really know is to ask, and it’s best to have experts conduct your research so you get more and better information, and minimize the response bias that can come from doing it yourself.

From developing the proper survey instrument (the questionnaire), to collecting the research data, to balancing and stratifying the respondent pool to ensure it is representative of the target marketplace, Nth Impressions has the expertise to help you do marketing research right.

Data collection vehicles include the telephone, the internet, direct mail, intercept interviews focus groups and more. It all depends on your goals and objectives for your research, and Nth Impressions can guide you on the best strategies to learn what you need to know.

Contact us to learn how the Marketing Research experts at Nth Impressions in St. Louis can help you get good, sound research to help you make important business decisions. We can also help you with customer satisfaction surveys.