Nth Impressions in St. Louis specializes in Professional Writing for all your marketing and business needs.

  •          Copy Writing
  •          Web Copy Writing
  •          Brochures and Marketing Collateral
  •          Articles and Press Releases
  •          Telemarketing Scripting
  •          Survey Instruments
  •          Testimonials
  •          Workflow and Process Documentation
  •          Business Documentation
  •          Sales Presentation and Training Documents

Professional Writing is an important part of marketing and business, and it’s an important part of your brand.  Unfortunately, writing skills today seem to be on the wane.  How’s your grammar?  It had better be correct if you want to express your professionalism.  How about your writing style?  You need it to be interesting, relevant, concise and understandable for marketing and business writing, or people won’t bother to read it.  Poorly written materials with typos and grammatical errors will simply present the wrong image, so if your writing skills are lacking or in doubt, you should have a professional writer help you produce your important marketing messages and business documents.

Your marketing messages, your nth impressions, need to be clear, concise and grammatically correct to promote your products and services effectively.  Writing for marketing is not like writing traditional prose, it needs to generate interest and excitement, be clearly explanatory and promote a call to action, and it needs to work with your graphic design elements.  Whether it’s for your brochures, websites, advertisements or any other nth impression you’re putting out, taglines and marketing phrases to describe your company and promote it effectively need to be well thought out and sharply written.  Messaging for your sales force and customer service team is also critical, and is an important part of creating the right culture for your business to ensure everyone is on the same page and presenting your company’s products and services to the public in the same way.

Business writing can take many forms…from simple memo writing to process documentation, job descriptions, workflows, organization charts and much more.  These documents need to be thorough and understandable, imparting complete information in effective, understandable language.  Short and sweet is the rule for business documentation; it’s got to be short enough that people will read it, but sweet enough to include all the critical elements.  Nothing’s worse than working hard on lengthy materials that will never yield the intended benefits because they are poorly written, incomplete or rambling without focus.

Survey writing is a skill that many businesses take too lightly.  Poorly written surveys don’t collect the right information fairly, and they often bias responses in subtle ways that invalidate the value of the data you collect.  If you want real, truthful information that is actionable, you need to have a professional write your surveys.  Nth Impressions has decades of experience writing effective surveys, and we know how to get you the information you really need and want.

Nth Impressions has the writing talent you need to ensure all your nth impressions are presented with effective quality.  Contact us today to learn how the professional writers at Nth Impressions can help.