Nth Impressions: Cold call and sales training to increase sales.

  • Telemarketing and Lead Generation Training
  • Sales System Development and Support
  • Prospecting Techniques
  • Sales and Telemarketing Script Writing
  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Activity Management and Reporting
  • Customer Service Training

You’ve got a solid business foundation, you’ve developed your brand, and your company is ready to aggressively hit the field and make sales. Every time your sales team touches a prospect or customer, it’s another nth impression in your ongoing series of marketing messages. Salespeople are the faces and voices that are carrying your brand directly to the public, and it’s important they’re all on the same page and presenting the same general image of your company.

Salespeople need support to succeed. That includes direction on who to target, territory management, prospecting techniques and sales training to help them develop relationships and close sales. Tools include sales process documentation, scripting for cold calling and presentations, activity management, CRM systems and reporting protocols. Everything needs to work together towards the same goals…the company’s profitability and growth.

Many of today’s salespeople are spoiled and act entitled, expecting deals to drop in their lap and be served to them on a silver platter. They are often lazy and fail to adhere to sound sales tactics and principles that create the proper activity that produces closed sales. Sound familiar? We hear it all the time. Don’t let your salespeople become order takers. Make all of your expectations perfectly clear: They will make cold calls on the phone and in person; they will track all their sales activity within the company’s system and make regular activity reports to management; they will produce qualified proposals; they will hit sales targets or suffer consequences.

The experts at Nth Impressions can help you structure your sales environment and train for success. From highly targeted list procurement, to sales territory development and management, to training on effective cold calling, closing techniques and more. We can help your team understand and develop the good habits that make them top producers. Michael Gantner, a principle at Nth Impressions, has vast experience in call center lead generation and outside sales; he has trained literally hundreds of people in effective cold calling techniques and strategies, and he can help your sales team.

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