What We Do

brandingBRANDING – Your brand includes everything from your name, logo, colors, fonts, design concepts, messaging and much more, and it all needs to work together for a consistent presentation of who you are and what you do.
web_designWEB DESIGN & MANAGEMENT – Creating and managing a website that’s attractive, functional, dynamic and successful takes the expertise of a creative design team, programming and web skills, writing talent, SEO knowledge and much more.
seoSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – In addition to organic or natural SEO practices incorporated into your website architecture and structure, SEO management in today’s world has to be dynamic, with regular updates incorporating relevant content, keyword development, external linking strategies and other important features.
email_campaignsEMAIL MARKETING – Email blasts are so easy to do…the wrong way! The right design, concepts, copy and methodology can make your email campaigns a productive, useful tool instead of a negative annoyance to the very people you hope to impress. Avoid the pitfalls and let Nth Impressions show you how to do email marketing the right way.
graphic_designGRAPHIC DESIGN– It’s an art to effectively combine text, pictures and images into attractive, effective marketing for websites, brochures and collateral materials and advertisements. Everything you produce that represents your company has to be consistent with your brand, eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and most of all, informative.
social_media_managementSOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT– Many businesses (but not all!) can benefit from a quality presence on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and more. But you can’t just put up a page or post, you’ve got to have a dynamic, consistent and relevant presence. If social media has a place in your industry, then you need to be a part of it, and you need to do it well. The only thing worse than having a bad social media presence is having a bad one that never changes.
mobile-apps-st-louisMOBILE APPLICATIONS – On the most basic level, your website needs to integrate and present effectively on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Mobile apps can also be effective marketing tools or new revenue streams.
market_researchMARKET RESEARCH – Far too often, we assume we understand the needs of a marketplace when perhaps we really don’t. The only way to really know is to ask, and it’s best to have experts conduct your research so you get more and better information, and minimize the response bias that can come from doing it yourself.
satisfaction_surveysCUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS – Reach out and make sure your customers are happy with your products and services, and learn more about what they need and would like to see. “Our customers love us” you say? They’ll tell you when things are good, but they often won’t tell you to your face when things aren’t up to snuff. They will however, tell dozens of other people if you’re missing the ball on something. Customer satisfaction must be measured to have meaning.
direct_mailDIRECT MAIL – Good old snail mail still has its place in marketing. But the new dynamics in marketing have changed how you might approach your direct marketing efforts. Balance your direct mail with your other marketing efforts to form a unified campaign that’s true to your brand and uses your budget most effectively.
business_management_servicesBUSINESS SERVICES – People talk about business plans, and they talk about marketing plans…and never the twain shall meet. Your marketing strategy is an integral part of your business planning, and needs to be a part of your corporate culture. Business services from Nth Impressions include management consulting, professional writing for manuals and documentation, integrated marketing and business plans, customer service training and more.
sales_trainingSALES TRAINING – Your marketing messaging extends to your sales force, who should be carrying the corporate brand with them as they represent your company. Sales process documentation, scripting, prospecting, sales pitches, closing techniques, activity management and reporting should all be working together towards the same sales goals and profitability and growth.
sales_trainingPROFESSIONAL WRITING – Professional Writing is an important part of marketing and business, and it’s an important part of your brand. Unfortunately, writing skills today seem to be on the wane. How’s your grammar? It had better be correct if you want to express your professionalism. How about your writing style? You need it to be interesting, relevant, concise and understandable for marketing and business writing, or people won’t bother to read it.
PrintPRINTING – All of your printed marketing materials need to designed and produced consistent with your brand. Gone are the days of huge runs of thousands of brochures. With digital print processes, now you can continuously update and target your printed marketing materials through cost effective short runs.